January 1, 2023

By Arthur H. Gunther III

     This is the traditional make-resolutions day, the get-fit, renew-yourself makeover start. Sometimes some of us actually do that. I’m still compiling a list from the January Ones of long ago.

     Most of us have good intentions. We do want to improve, to lose habits or food choices or behavior that we hope will be gone with the wind. The trouble is that it is easier to put off until tomorrow. And tomorrow never comes.

     Life – the routine, the unexpected, the rhythm, the bumps, the twists and turns – all of that jumps on the bus and takes over the steering.

     By the time the end of the year comes, what has happened has happened – good, not so good. And so on New Year’s Eve we celebrate not only survival but the thought that a clean start awaits after midnight. That is the hope that is living itself, without which we might all give up.

     Most decent folk – and that, give or take a prejudice or two, is most of us – do not need to actually write a New Year’s Resolution List but simply have the intention to do so. You have to think renewal even if it doesn’t happen.

     So, in that spirit, I wish all a fine, safe, healthy, peaceful, prosperous new year to all.  

Be kind.

     The writer is a retired newspaperman reachable at