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  August 16, 2021 By Arthur H. Gunther III It may seem hilarious and even back-woodsy, but there was a moment, a long one, when at 2 a.m. in a diner, say Hogan’s in West Nyack, N.Y., when you instinctively pulled up your feet as the floor guy came by, splashing Clorox and […]


  By Arthur H. Gunther III If you could capture images of the past and store them as memory files that could be flashed on a computer screen, then I would show you what my bedroom in Hillcrest, N.Y., looked like at age 19, in another century literally.  My room – almost 60 […]


‘COLOR’/gunther 2021 August 2, 2021 By Arthur H. Gunther III      In these colors – black, white, brown, red, yellow – there is humanity and inhumanity. We do not see clear colors, untouched by others – that is impossible no matter the prejudice. You can live and die in one color, but […]


July 25, 2021 By Arthur H. Gunther III One recent day, I took a car ride with an intriguing woman (all are), and we had conversation. Never sure where those mutual talks lead, as I draw from a stream of consciousness, and the partner usually does the same. That means you are in the […]


photo/gunther   July 19, 2021 By Arthur H. Gunther III   Every home has its entrance, perhaps a front porch or steps or inside foyer. So it is with places, usually introduced by paths, then roads. In Rockland County, N.Y., close to Gotham but oh so many miles away ifrom urbanity there is […]


July 12, 2021 By Arthur H. Gunther III (      Stare at a door long enough, and it will open by itself. No, this isn’t telekinesis, merely but sometimes profoundly, a memory trip.      We open and close, leave open and close doors throughout our existence, letting people, thoughts and life itself […]


Painting by gunther July 4, 2021 By Arthur H. Gunther III      TAPPAN, N.Y. – “When in the course of human events” begins the document crafted for July 4, 1776, a federal holiday now recognized as Independence Day. That the American Experiment has barely begun is as obvious as fireworks. As explosive […]


June 28, 2021 By Arthur H. Gunther III        I did not have to look up, as I was arranging my pocket money, to know the age of the fellow counting my change. He had to be about 62 or older. The clue? The bill was $11, and I gave him […]


June 21, 2021 By Arthur H. Gunther III      While away from the daily deadline of the newspaper business (regrettably), I forever remain one of the irreverent, questioning, doubting souls with a heart that melts. So in this born-again era of claimed “fake news,” once termed, “You can’t believe everything you read […]


The McCullers home, South Broadway, South Nyack, N.Y. /gunther photo June 14, 2021 By Arthur H. Gunther III In a coincidence, if there is such, recently I walked past the late writer Carson McCullers’ Broadway house in South Nyack, N.Y., went home, and on TV was the film of her 1940 first novel, […]