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‘ONE’/acrylic/gunther By Arthur H. Gunther III Everything begins with “1” after there is zero. The first second of life. First awareness. First year. First grade. First friend. First joy. First love. First job. First success. First home. First child. First heartbreak. First loss. First acceptance. First uppercase. First lowercase. First anything. First everything.  The writer […]

  ‘PATH’/photograph/gunther   By Arthur H. Gunther III What paths we take in this life,  not knowing the why of the walk nor the destination. The marks of others  are there to see, if we  but look down. Halted steps, skid marks, a hurried pace, a leisurely one, lessons for the observer. The path is […]


  October 21, 2019 ‘FOG’/acrylic on canvas   By Arthur H. Gunther III Fog — le brouillard — particularly if  it comes on the broad expanse of L’Avenue des Champs-Élysées — is not merely mist in the air from a temperature change. It envelopes, and so you can be alone with your thoughts even […]


‘AT THE CAPE’/gunther October 14, 2019 By Arthur H. Gunther III       Seasons always end, leaving memories whether photographic, in the mind, in the heart, in the soul. They are there for renewal, reinforcement, reassurance.      Each of us takes from our particular seasons what we will, perhaps tucking away the […]


October 7, 2019 ‘TUNED TO WSM, NASHVILLE’/acrylic/gunther By Arthur H. Gunther III      Defining country music is like translating the ever-growing list of languages, including colorful, highly descriptive idioms, in this immigrant America. Listening to it, from the earliest 1920s radio programs through the metamorphosis that are today’s sounds on smart phones, is […]


Acrylic on canvas/gunther   September 16, 2019 By Arthur H. Gunther III CHANGE OF PACE: Song lyrics (mine) instead of an essay…   I locked the door last night, though it never had a key. You are gone, and I must forget. Forget the soulful moments, the depth we reached without a word said. Forget […]


September 9, 2019 ‘Lean on Me’/photograph/gunther By Arthur H. Gunther III (also on Facebook)            Depending on the individual, “pride” is a variable. Some are too proud to accept help of any sort. Others extend their hands in need.      Truth is, this is an interdependent world, more so […]

‘MEDIA’ and discourse today

     Recently, the writer/artist Bill Batson wonderfully cajoled me into speaking before his great Learning Collaborative class of inquisitive adults, at the New City, N.Y., Jewish Center. He asked that my remarks be posted via my essay site. Thanks, Bill, for the invite.      The topic was “The Changing Role of the ‘Media’ […]


‘ ‘WASH IN THE FIELD’/acrylic/gunther August 19, 2019 By Arthur H. Gunther III (also on Facebook)      Imagine all the conversations at the clothesline that women have had in urban/suburban/rural areas; count the dreams/thoughts of so many women hanging wash by themselves. Now you have more talk, more dreams/thought than clothes left to […]


  ‘WHITE ON RED VASE’/acrylic/gunther August 12, 2019 By Arthur H. Gunther III (also on Facebook)      What is it about white hair?  Mark of maturity, gathered wisdom? Life having lived in depth now aging toward its natural finish? Distinction?       Grandma? Encouragement for the young that they, too, can achieve?    […]

In the corner

‘IN THE CORNER’/acrylic/gunther   August 5, 2019 By Arthur H. Gunther III No one should be pushed into a corner — by anyone or even yourself — because that is not the place to make the best decisions. Instead, corners should be of welcome and mystery, of imagination and whimsey, of curiosity and adventure. […]


‘TWO WOMEN’/ACRYLIC/GUNTHER   July 29, 2019 By Arthur H. Gunther III (also on Facebook)      These two women are in Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello home. One is white, prosperous. One is black, African-American, a slave. Presumably, they speak to one another.    They are at the dawn of a new age, this political, social, […]


‘SARAH’/acrylic/gunther July 22, 2019 By Arthur H. Gunther III (also on Facebook)      This is Sarah, but it could be you. She could anyone — of any sex, age, ethnicity, race, belief. Sarah is alone, but not alone. She is with her thoughts, her “me time,” in her space beyond a door.    […]


‘Detail at South Truro’/gunther   By Arthur H. Gunther III (also on Facebook)            There is music in this old house, though there is no electricity — disconnected decades ago. There is no radio, no record player, no iTunes. In fact, there are no people. But once, even before electricity, […]


Gunther painting/acrylic on canvas July 9, 2019 By Arthur H. Gunther III (also on Facebook)      Open a window, and you might get fresh air. Or fresh perspective. Depends on what’s out there, what you see, what you want to see.      The window frames a scene, and you are in control […]


‘BLENDED’/acrylic/gunther May 20, 2019 By Arthur H. Gunther III the column rule (also on Facebook)   Individualism builds the world as the genius within the person — the particular moxie — moves at its own speed and direction. Yet there is always a time when one joins another, and another, and the group becomes its […]


‘TALL HOUSES’/gunther April 29, 2019 By Arthur H. Gunther III (also on Facebook)      In dense forests, trees grow tall in competition for light. Yet each stands straight and proud, keeping the species together. Though the single tree seeks its majesty, it is also there as a buttress against storms that might take […]


GRAND VIEW ON HUDSON/gunther March 25, 2019 By Arthur H. Gunther III (also on Facebook)      Porches are the soul’s resting spot. They are also the teaching sit-a-spell for one generation to the next. Whether it’s a traditional American small-town front porch, a Southern veranda or an urban stoop, there is emotional gold […]


Light emerging from Edward Hopper’s childhood birthplace/room in Nyack, N.Y. (Gunther photo) February 11, 2019 By Arthur H. Gunther III (also on Facebook)        Imagine being born into light, not necessarily spiritual though it cannot be denied. The first opening of the child’s eyes, then awakening each morning into young adulthood with […]

‘All was right in his world’

‘MOONLIGHT’/Gunther January 28, 2019 By Arthur H. Gunther III (also on Facebook)      Amidst the world’s troubles, a reassuring sight on a train: A busy mom, returning with a three-year-old from a trip to Gotham, him jabbering away, calling for “Mommy, Mommy” as she checked her smart phone. He tugged at her jacket, […]


‘Light at Hopper House’ December 10, 2018 By Arthur H. Gunther III (also on Facebook)      Our ancestors, living in caves, then huts, then small cabins, all without much benefit of light — there were no Andersen double-glazed, energy-efficient windows then — must have grabbed, mentally, emotionally, at any sliver of brilliant shining […]


Credit: Christie’s November 19, 2018 By Arthur H. Gunther III (also on Facebook)      Relativity isn’t confined to Einstein. It applies in the art world, too. Most recent example: the Christie’s auction sale last week of “Chop Suey,” the Edward Hopper 1929 painting, which hit a record at $91,875,000. The famed American realist […]


October 29, 2018 By Arthur H. Gunther  III (also on Facebook) Quietly done, not-fussed-about, get-it-finished moments strike deep chords in the reflections of older life, or so it appears in a Halloween memory. More than a few seasons ago in Tallman, N.Y., then a little hamlet of fruit orchards, an equally small church offered […]

THEY ‘SUNG’ FOR US April 13, 2009      There is no workplace rhythm – this necessary, life-sustaining tempo, this melody, this song – without the interplay of people. Bosses, the ordinary grunts, specialists, the guys and gals who do the job, or who do the job better than others, the slackers, the prima donnas, […]


July 23, 2018 By Arthur H. Gunther III      In the 1939 political comedy/drama, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” the naive but principled Jefferson Smith (James Stewart) is supposed to be a do-no-harm bumpkin replacement for a deceased U.S. senator from an unnamed western state who will not interfere with wheeling and dealing. […]


July 2, 2018 By Arthur H. Gunther III      Of all that was so sorrowfully missing from the presidency on the line-of-duty deaths of five newspapermen and women in Maryland last week, the saddest was a moment of silence. Had the non-president, even before he again flew off to his Bedminster, N.J., golf […]


June 18, 2018 By Arthur H. Gunther III      This imperfect experiment called America, conceived in great, precipice-style argument by the Framers, not fully realized as to intent and potential, nevertheless has endured. Winston Churchill, the half-American: “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”      Therefore, citizens, […]


  By Arthur H. Gunther III Why does war often begin with a parade and end with one? At the first, youthful excitement, naiveté, innocence, natural inclination and lack of experience and judgment as to horror fuel the adrenalin of patriotism as the quick steps of those who would save the world or avenge […]


March 5, 2018 By Arthur H. Gunther III When someone is asked, “What is your biggest regret?,” perhaps most would recall one particular moment, though for others it surely depends on what year, month, even day (or night) you are referencing. For example, in the great, immature, developing years of childhood, teenage time too, […]


By Arthur H. Gunther III Small diners in my part of the world in lower New York State a few decades back were known for tasty, homemade food served by owners and their staff who seemed like family, especially for the regular customers. They were homes away from home. And they could be small theater […]