March 27, 2022

By Arthur H. Gunther III

     The Irish carry words in their pockets as others do coins. Even the spare change can become a short story or novel.

     This essay is written after the Feast of St. Patrick and all the religious/cultural moments, parades and green things and the proclamation that on March 17 “We are all Irish.”

     Well not the day after nor the one before. God did not make everyone Irish for the same reason she did not color everyone this or that, or have all speak the same language or look alike. And, of course, not every Irish man or woman can write from the soul and the tears of everyday living.

       But more than enough do, and that is the gift to humanity, for we all need the narrators and explainers to understand this mortal coil, to get through it all and to exhilarate as well.

     Leave it to others too to show their particular artistry, culture, talents and great giving to the world. And may we all celebrate in the differences for would we want to eat off the same menu every day of our lives?

     This piece may be for the Irish in their March month, but really it is for all of us, however we hail.

     The writer is a retired newspaperman.