August 3, 2020

By Arthur H. Gunther III

     Ordinarily, birds would not attract notice in the backyard. Laissez-faire: they go about their life, and I do the same. Do like their singing, chirping, fact that they are there, which probably means no horror story like a hurricane is coming or a win by the indecent in Election 2020.

     So, birds are quite welcome, as I hope I am to the creatures, for I both respect and feed them. But now, rather than a fact of living for this human, birds have become morning companions.

     In the time of virus, with so much stay at home, the rituals, the habits, the ordinary doings have changed. No longer rushing out the door to buy the papers, grab the coffee, park the car and read in that great quiet we must all have if only for a moment, the scene has changed to reading a delivered newspaper, making what may or may not be coffee at home, sitting on the back porch and having the birds drop in to eat their morning bread at the feeder/birdhouse.

     Never knew there were so many bluebirds, and that they are hogs, repeatedly swooping in to grab. There are sparrows, too, and a few colorful birds with red heads or scarlet coloring.

     They know when you are heading out to feed them, with the word passed along in rising chatter, the bird world’s telegraph.

     All in all, delightful morning guests. Or perhaps I am the visitor.  

  The writer is a retired newspaperman.

4 thoughts on “MORNING VISITORS

  1. James F. Leiner

    I too have a new bird feeder handing off on of the posts around our back patio. Judy and I sit eating our meals in the dining room and love to watch the little critters at the feeder….often arguing for the position. Incidentally, our kitty, Shadow, while she is close at hand, had not seen the birds…
    Judy and have not gone to dinner in some time, so real revel in the Joy of the hungry passion of the Sparrows, Finches, Blue Jays and even an occasional Cardinal

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