March 25, 2019

By Arthur H. Gunther III


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     Porches are the soul’s resting spot. They are also the teaching sit-a-spell for one generation to the next. Whether it’s a traditional American small-town front porch, a Southern veranda or an urban stoop, there is emotional gold in tarrying there.

     The newborn child is rocked on such porches. The old while away the sunset in their memories. Young, budding love greets each other.  A kindergartener leaves for the first day of school from that porch, and, suddenly, he/she is going to college.

     A grandmother imparts wisdom and encouragement to her family; neighbors stop to talk; someone in need is given care. 

The porch is a thresh hold to the minutes, the hours, days and years of life.

     The writer is a retired newspaperman. ahgunther@yahoo.com



4 thoughts on “ON THE PORCH

  1. Howard Gleichenhaus

    I loved the porch. In W. Nyack our house had a wonderful front porch. Nearly every day after work I sat with my next door neighbor and good friend Peter and solved the world’s problems. After Peter was diagnosed with cancer our daily sit-downs became more urgent as we discussed “life” and its meanings, here and in the next life. We watched the neighbors walking by and sometimes chatted about a new baby in a stroller or how a parent was doing in the hospital.

    Now, here in Florida, I have no front porch and even fewer folk out walking. I miss those times in Rockland.

    1. thecolumnrule Post author

      A touching story about your friend Peter, Howard. Happy you were there for him.

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