October 2, 2016

By Arthur H. Gunther III

I once knew of — I didn’t get to know — a witty, young woman of strong intelligence, humming work ethic, high standards and deep lust for living. By all accounts, she has gone on to the exact life she sought from early on, perhaps with a bit of luck and surely in part because of the people she deliberately chose to be in her journey.
There was an exactness that set all her ducks in a row, though she claimed never to do that or to reason things out logically. The destination was there, admitted or not, but better for her to let wind take her on an unplanned ride.
And there were those rides and whatever fulfillment or happiness or achieved experimentation that they enabled. When the train pulled into the last station, though, waiting on the platform was an individual and then people who helped her build an intentioned life.
As I said, I didn’t get to know this woman, but I knew of her and was witness to the earlier scene, not what came later. Almost like reading a novel and spending time with a character who then goes on to other living in a sequel.
So, an unfinished story because I didn’t read more chapters. Yet even the preface can tell you something. You may not get to know the writer or her book, but even a snippet of literature can add to interest and revelation.

The writer is a retired newspaperman who can be reached via ahgunther@hotmail.com

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