Arthur H. Gunther III

I penned The Column Rule, a newspaper opinion piece, for 25 years, 1981-2006, at The Journal News in Rockland County, New York State.
In retirement, to keep the mind active, to pursue a love of writing and in response to some requests, I continue to offer (humbly, I hope) comment on people, places and things — in Rockland and beyond. As a former professional newspaper photographer and as an abstract/primitive painter who contributes to various installations, I also offer some art on this site, with new selections rotated in from time to time.
If you wish to respond to any of these essays, etc., make suggestions or lobby for a particular column or want to see my paintings, contact me at
Thanks for reading!

“The Column Rule” refers to the revered process of old-fashioned hot metal typesetting, in which vertical rules — thin lines of lead — separated columns of type. This careful craft set a standard, and I try to meet that.