November 19, 2023

By Arthur H. Gunther III

          For a time, the Edward Hopper House, a museum and study center in Nyack, N.Y., had a particular rescuer who came during the Covid pandemic, and despite her early ’20s, took on several jobs usually handled by seasoned administrators. Alexandra Davies has since moved on, but as with others unexpected in life, her mark remains.

     Alex is a poet – her college degree centered around her writing – and while she hasn’t found time or challenge to enter that room in her present museum job in Massachusetts, the stream of both consciousness and not runs constantly in her particular language. It is just a matter of time before the taps flow again to offer such questions as her: “Can you ask a dream to speak?” 

     Hopper House, the birthplace home of the famed American painter, was a gift to him because of the exceptional light off the Hudson River that helped inspire the fellow from earliest age. That so many volunteers and staff have come to the museum in its rescue since the early 1970s is proof that the house still has its magical draw.

     One of those people was Alex, who when higher-level leaders left and in the time of Covid, truly proved her mettle, tackling bills, repair schedules, virtual visits, outside events. All with energy and, when needed, criticism. She was 24 but at times 50, 70.

     Inevitability set in, Covid lessened, Hopper House returned to near-normalcy with great new leadership. And young Alexandra moved on to other heights.

     Her old office remains, and I call it “Alexandra’s Room at the Hopper.” May it ever be so in memory.

     The writer is a retired newspaperman. (ahgunther@yahoo.com)


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