(Gunther photo)

December 17, 2023

By Arthur H. Gunther III


      Early ice is relative in this part of the world – Harriman State Park, about 25 miles from the ever-hot glow of Times Square. Climate change has moved up the date, and we would normally have snow by this time, so close to Christmas when Santa wants to come by sleigh, not a SUV.

     Yet, nature does what she wants, as expected by her nature, and we were all the better for it on Seven Lakes Drive, not far from Sloatsburg, N.Y.

     There on a tree branch in the warming sun, though the temperature mid-day was about 38, were the kisses of dew turned to ice, offering diamonds for the looking.

     Set against an awfully bright and dynamic sky, nature’s jewelry was on display, ready to party.

     You could not have had a bad moment that noontime on the drive in Harriman State Park.

     The writer is a retired newspaperman.