December 31, 2023

By Arthur H. Gunther III


     With the new year – 2024! – upon us and the hope that humanism will again push aside the withering worldwide, nationwide, even at points local, we turn to the artists everywhere, heralded and largely undiscovered who have ties to souls gone, here, in the future.

     They walk up heavily worn stairways to lofts where they seek not only the light from attic windows but that of humankind. There, with talent sometimes brilliant, often more pedestrian or modest, they seek to give voice to what we all feel but perhaps cannot express. Yet when we stand before an artist’s work, even if the vocabulary is limited, we might instantly see the language. 

     The gods give us creative people so that we can have greater faith or belief not yet established. Painting, sculpture, any art all give us a direct line beyond line, form, color. Art taps into emotions within, much as in romance.

     Artists, even “ordinary” though they cannot be that fully given that all are gifted in the heavens for worldly purpose, tread the well-worn stairs to lofts everywhere to add understanding in what the apt Yiddish word describes as a world that is “fakakta.”

     Happy New Year, all. Go look at art. It’s everywhere.

     The writer is a retired newspaperman.



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