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‘FALL’/gunther October 25, 2021 By Arthur H. Gunther IIII      Autumn arrives as a state of mind, prompted by the foliage change to wonderful hues or by memories of fall’s past that tug at your senses.       The light is different, incrementally as the weeks pass, but soon the imperceptibility becomes […]


October 18, 2021 By Arthur H. Gunther III About this time of year comes the memory of the apple smell, sweet fragrance that for me opened the door a bit to Heaven when I was a child at my grandmother’s house. She made apple pies, as many nanas did and do, from scratch. […]


October 11, 2021 By Arthur H. Gunther III      There is the unordinary cat, thank heavens.      Remember kindergarten? Teachers encouraging individuality. Playing games together but drawing separately. Come the next grade and the ones afterward there are desks, increasing structure, necessary standards, all for progress, yes, but much more for […]


October 2, 2021 By Arthur H. Gunther III      The cadence of life is the music we exist by, live by, endure by, thrill by, emote by, give birth by, laugh and cry by, die by. It is to each a unique song. Some sing better, some are almost tone deaf. Some […]


September 27, 2021 By Arthur H. Gunther III Once in my parts, a section of the Northeast where as yet not all the woods have been bulldozed by “Progress,” we measured fall’s coming by morning humidity on the side of a white clapboard garage. The glisten was subtle, almost like a fine spray […]


September 20, 2021 By Arthur H. Gunther III If true readers were the only people newspapers and Internet information providers had to be concerned about, there would be little reason for this essay. They are hooked on the news, educated and brought up and matured to understand the value of a free press […]


Twin Towers steel at Haverstraw Bay Park, Rockland County, N.Y./gunther photo   September 11, 2021 By Arthur H. Gunther III      There is rhythm to our lives, and when it is seriously interrupted, the beat changes forever. And so it was with September 11, 2001. When  9/11 hit in terroristic horror 20 […]


Painting/gunther By Arthur H. Gunther III the   America’s Labor Day has morphed beyond the usual public time off — picnics and other respite — that recognizes workers. Now it is also 24 hours of heightened uncertainty. There is worry over whether the job you have now, if you are working, will be […]


August 30, 2021 By Arthur H. Gunther III      I have now over-saturated my ears in tribute to Charlie Watts, last week late of the Rolling Stones, who must be rockin’ Heaven. Don’t care for Mick Jagger’s on-stage theater but Charlie, the classy, low-keyed drummer, was the yang to that yin, and […]


August 23, 2021 By Arthur H. Gunther III One of the qualifications of “progress” is that as new technology replaces the old, or brings it on in the first place, tried and true habits honed by trial, error, ingenuity, make-do and survival are lost. For example, in this age of air conditioning, a […]